BMW 3 series E46

Since 1998 of release

Repair and car operation

The BMW of 3 series Е46
+ Cars BMW 3 (Е46)
+ Current leaving and service
+ The engine
+ Systems of cooling, heating
+ Power supply systems, injection and release
+ Engine electric equipment
+ Manual transmission and transmission a line
+ Automatic transmission
+ Coupling and power shafts
+ Brake system
- Suspension bracket and steering
   + Forward suspension bracket
   + Back suspension bracket
   - Steering with the hydraulic booster (servo control)
      Removal and installation of the block of a pillow of safety on a steering wheel
      Removal and steering wheel installation
      Removal and installation of a tip of steering draught
      Removal and installation of steering draught
      Removal and installation of the pump of the hydraulic booster
      Filling with a liquid and removal of air from hydrosystem of the amplifier of a wheel
      Corners of installation of forward wheels. Check of installation of wheels
+ Body
+ Onboard electric equipment
+ Electric equipment schemes

Steering with the hydraulic booster (servo control)

Elements of a steering column and steering wheel

1 — the top shaft
2 — the bottom shaft with карданным the hinge
3 — elastic connection
4 — the wheel lock

6 — a shaft tube
7 — the top cover of a steering column
8 — the bottom cover of a steering column
11 — a steering wheel

Steering wheel rotation is transferred by the driver through a steering column and the steering mechanism, and also steering draughts to car wheels. The steering column can be regulated manually on height and in a longitudinal direction.

The effort necessary for turn of wheels, especially on the standing car, decreases thanks to hydraulic booster presence. The wheel hydraulic booster consists of the oil pump, the tank of oil and маслопроводов. The oil pump is set in motion from the engine through клиновой a belt with edges. The pump we suck in oil from the tank and under a high pressure submits it to the valve case. The valve case is located in the steering mechanism. It has mechanical communication with a steering column and depending on a direction of a rearrangement of a wheel directs oil to the corresponding party of the working cylinder. Here oil influences the piston with gear rack, reducing, thus, effort which is necessary for putting for wheel turn.

In a steering wheel the safety pillow is located. The safety pillow represents the combined bag which is inflated with air at face-to-face collision and thus protects a trunk and a head of the driver from blow about a steering wheel. At face-to-face collision of certain force in a safety pillow through a monitor the small charge ignites. As a result of explosion gases which during several milliseconds fill an air bag are formed. It is enough this time that демпфировать a trunk of the driver directing forward. Then the pillow of safety within several seconds again develops, as gases leave a pillow through final apertures.

Carrying out welding by it рихтовочных works on steering elements is not supposed. Self-stopped nuts are necessarily replaced with the new.

Security measures at the reference with a safety pillow

Near to a pillow of safety of the driver in a steering wheel there is a pillow of safety of the forward passenger, located over a ware box, lateral pillows of safety in the doorway and a pillow of safety for a head over doors. It is not supposed to establish on a place of the forward passenger a children's seat or any other adaptation for keeping of children in a direction opposite to movement. Besides, on a door rack, a solar peak or on the panel of devices on the right side there should be a tablet “a children's seat ahead is not present”. In the absence of last the driver can be fined police of Germany.

At removal and installation of the block of a pillow of safety it is necessary to observe the following:

1 Disconnect a negative cable (-) the storage battery at the switched off ignition. The battery is in a luggage compartment behind a cover on the right side. At cars BMW 316i, 318i the battery settles down in an impellent compartment.

As a result of switching-off of the storage battery the data from memory of malfunctions of some monitors is erased. If necessary before battery switching-off it is necessary to consider the given memories of malfunctions. Address to Section Diagnostics of malfunctions. Work it is desirable to spend HUNDRED in conditions.

2 Isolate a negative pole (-) the storage battery to exclude casual contact.
3 Before installation of a pillow of safety again check up, whether the negative cable of the storage battery is disconnected.

If the resulted instructions are not carried out, further it can lead to failure of system of a pillow of safety.

Safety across-the-board measures

- After removal of a pillow of safety store it so that the soft party specified upward.
- At joining of the storage battery the finding in salon of the car of extraneous people is not supposed.
- If in work the break becomes, it is impossible to leave a pillow of safety without supervision.
- Is not admissible to assort the block of a pillow of safety. In the presence of malfunction it will be replaced completely. As the pillow contains explosive, it is necessary to store it reliably. Pillow recycling should is spent HUNDRED BMW. At all it is not necessary to utilise a pillow independently. There is a danger of explosion!
- To replace a steering wheel containing a pillow of safety, it is authorised only on a steering wheel resolved by the manufacturer of the car.
- It is not necessary to paste over, something to draw or otherwise to process the soft party of a pillow of safety. It can be cleared only the towel dry or moistened in water, and also a cleaner resolved for application by the manufacturer.
- If the pillow has been used as a result of failure, it is necessary to replace its monitor, the block of a pillow and the contact block.
- The block of a pillow of safety and monitor are sensitive to blows. If they fell from height more than 50 sm, they cannot be applied further. If the pillow has fallen from smaller height it is necessary to check up it on HUNDRED.
- The safety pillow is authorised to be checked only on HUNDRED. In no event it is impossible to apply a control lamp, the voltmeter or an ohmmeter to pillow check.
- At carrying out of welding works the plug of the welding device should settle down in immediate proximity from a welding place. It is necessarily necessary a negative cable of the storage battery and to isolate a battery pole, to exclude possibility of casual contact. It is necessary расстыковать штекерные connections of a pillow of safety to gas generators.
- It is not necessary to subject even to short-term influence of temperature above +75С the block of a pillow and a monitor.
- Observe instructions in the relation натяжителя a seat belt, address to Razdelu Natjazhitel of a seat belt. The basic data and security measures.
Instructions on security measures at movement
- The pillow of safety does not replace a seat belt. Passengers of the car should be fastened belts, only it provides optimum safety.
- Installation on a seat of the driver of any adaptations for deduction of children is not supposed. Children are more younger 12 years can to settle down only on a back seat.
- The arrangement between a pillow of safety and the person of any subjects is not supposed.